Dawn McMahan for City Council

I bring much needed skills and experience to our City Council, and our District 5.

  1. As Executive Artistic Director of the Pythia Arts Foundation, and the creator of community development programs: the Phoenix Rising Homeless Project, and the Oak Tree Arts Center in East Oakland, I bring a dedication and love for my community, a commitment to the arts, to education, and a deep commitment to serve the under served.

  1. Sharing the entirety of my storefront live/work home as the Oak Tree Arts Center with my East Oakland neighborhood, in intimate relationship with the surrounding families, has educated me on the shortcomings of our school system, the challenges they face, and a hands-on approach in being part of solutions.

  1. As my life’s work with communities and art has been influenced by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, I am a proponent for innovative, green, living solutions.

• I am trained, educated and experienced in conflict resolution, crisis intervention, substance abuse issues, and the needs of youth and underserved families.

• I am working towards an innovative coordination of nonprofit organizations with the business sector, for the benefit of both.

• Having been raised by a neurobiologist, and an elementary school teacher for East Palo Alto, I have chosen a life of service for my community that embraces innovation. I am pro-union, and pro-worker.

  1. Almost fifty years old, I come to you as someone who has gathered knowledge and perspective on Oakland’s issues from having lived in other cities. I am a witness of the impact of many historical events, as well as their fallout: the desegregation busing in Boston in the early ‘70s, the desegregation busing in Palo Alto in the late ‘70s, the Los Angeles floods, fires, the Northridge earthquake, the San Francisco AIDS epidemic, and the 1992 LA riots. For 25 years, I have lived in impoverished neighborhoods, in service. I have learned from them; with strength, compassion, and the courage to face pain, I have created needed community development programs from my experiences.

  1. I am working towards  innovative solutions for the gang violence and prostitution issues that don’t involve killing more police officers, or creating situations where more innocent people die...let alone anyone else. Already I am creating community development solutions that activate hope, communication, and a respect of cultural differences.

  1. I am pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, and a champion of the constitutional rights of all individuals.

  1. I am working towards the diminishment of the high recidivism rate of Santa Rita Jail and the overcrowding of our prison system through community development and programs that provide transitional services. I support an intelligent re-landscaping of the functional, emotional and psychological relationships that institutions and institutionalization have on our underserved.

• As a creator in the performative and visual arts, I know their transformative value, and the need we have for them. We can have a life-changing, city changing renaissance, if we allow it, that will encourage more revenue for the city. I am here to nurture it.

• I demand a transparent government, with documents available to the public in a timely manner, an updated website, and work towards eliminating the misleading way ballot measures are sometimes written.

• I stand up for a parking ticket restitution program for those who cannot afford to pay their fines so as to provide much-needed support to the nonprofit sector, and enable people that are financially struggling to keep their cars.




2100 23rd Avenue Oakland, CA 94606   ph: 510-842-3790


Dawn McMahan


Oakland City Council

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